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Our Quality Standards

Rotina is committed to quality standards and services. We take pride in fulfilling your order promptly from the time you place your request to when the goods is delivered to you.

Parts & Accessories

Rotina’s sales team with more than three decades experiences in industrial and commercial products provide you with a unique advantage : bringing solutions for your industry and application including parts and accessories.

If you cannot find the product that meets your application needs, please contact us and we will source the right product or recommend an alternative to suit your requirements.

Consulting & Customization

If you require engineering advice for your project, we are pleased to offer you our expertise. We have the capability to customize products to meet unique technical, environment or regulatory requirements.


News & Events
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Rotina Tiger-Vac Group

Welcome to Rotina Group !

Rotina Group is the leading distributor for industrial products such as brushless blowers, regenerative blowers, vacuum motors, diaphragm pumps, micropumps, centrifugal pumps and vibration pumps; commercial products with specialty recovery systems, cleaning equipment & the latest revolution diamond floor pads. We represent several of the top world-class manufacturers and suppliers in their respective fields from Canada, US and Europe.

Specialist In Aircraft Cleaning - this has been our innovative growth area: specialize in aircraft cleaning for carpets and upholsteries.


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